Bahubali Hills, located on the outermost part of Udaipur, invites adventurers and nature lovers with promises of stunning views and a peaceful retreat from the city’s bustle. These hills, which are open throughout the day, provide a haven of peace for those seeking a connection with nature. The entry ticket, which costs only Rs. 10 per person, allows access to panoramic views of the Udaipur landscape. Bahubali Hills, located only 15 kilometers from the heart of Udaipur, is a journey through gorgeous scenery. Whether you’re an early riser seeking sunrise serenity or a sunset fan fascinated by the vibrant colours of sunset, Bahubali Hills is a lovely destination that invites you to explore its beauty at any time of day.

Bahubali Hills Udaipur Height:

The Bahubill hill is situated tall at one of the extreme ends of Badi Lake, approximately 6 kilometres from the famous Fateh Sagar Lake. This place is located at a height of 900 meters.

Bahubali Hills Udaipur Distance:

Bahualli Hills is an attractive hill that can be found about 15 kilometers from the heart of Udaipur, atop the lesser-known Badi Lake.

Bahubali Hills Entry Fees:

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As of December 2023, the Bahubali Hills trek entry fee is 10 rupees per person.

Bahubali Hills Timings:

Bahubali Hills is open to visitors throughout the week. It is advised to get there early so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the hills and see the sunrise, or to stay until sunset to take in the breathtaking views of the sunset.

What to Expect:

  • Panoramic Views: One of the main attractions of Bahubali Hills is its wide-ranging view of the surrounding nature. Views of Udaipur’s cityscape, perfect lakes, and lush greenery can be seen from the hilltop. Photographers will find this viewpoint to be a great viewpoint.
  • Sunset and Sunrise Photography: Both locals and visitors love to visit the hills to photograph the breathtaking colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset. It’s a great spot for photographers because of the lovely atmosphere created by the sky’s moving colors.
  • Peaceful Ambiance: Bahubali Hills maintains a peaceful environment in contrast to certain well-known tourist spots, making it the perfect location for people looking for a quiet getaway from the bustle of city life.

How to Reach Bahubali Hills Udaipur:

There are two ways for travelling to the glorious Bahubali Hills in Udaipur, which are located at one of the far ends of Badi Lake. The older route goes through Barda village, while a newer route runs alongside a bridge. Locate Bahubali Hill on Google Maps and, once there, look for a sign indicating Nathavato Ka Guda.

Taking a left from there leads to Bahubali Hills Parking, which has plenty of space for a small fee of INR 10. Alternatives to public transport include hitchhiking, negotiating directly with cab drivers, or taking an auto (approximately 300-500 INR, including waiting time). Consider renting a cycle from Fatehsagar Lake for a more adventurous journey.

Resorts near Bahubali Hills Udaipur:

  • Aravali Silence Lakend Resorts & Adventures
  • Hill Garden Retreat
  • Badigarh Palace Resort
  • The Love Passion Karma Club & Resort
  • The Rustic Pines
  • Paradise Green
  • Hotel Kirti Palace
  • Badi Haveli Resort
  • Aravalli Retreat
  • Villa le Palms Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Surya Uday
  • Vatsalya Vihar

Tips for Visitors:

  • Carry water and snacks
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Help in maintaining the beauty of Bahubali Hills by not littering and respecting the natural surroundings.


Finally, a trip to Udaipur’s Bahubali Hills is more than just a trip to a heightened viewpoint; it’s a journey into the heart of peace and natural beauty. Standing above this glorious hill, surrounded by stunning views and the serenity of the scenery, it is clear why this destination is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

The journey itself is an adventure, accompanied by beautiful surroundings and the welcoming nature of the locals, whether you take the older route through Barda village or the newly built route. Welcome the spirit of discovery, capture the amazing sunset, and make memories that will last long after you leave the fascinating Bahubali Hills. This destination is more than just a location; it is an experience that invites you to participate.

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What is the distance of Bahubali Hills from the city center of Udaipur?

Bahubali Hills is located approximately 15 kilometers from the city center of Udaipur.

What is the entry fee for Bahubali Hills in Udaipur?

The entry fee for Bahubali Hills is Rs. 10. Please check for any updates before planning your visit.

How can I reach Bahubali Hills using public transport?

Public transport options are limited. Hitchhiking or negotiating directly with a cab driver is recommended. Taking an auto may cost around 300-500 INR, including waiting time.

Are there parking facilities available at Bahubali Hills?

Yes, ample parking space is available at Bahubali Hills, and the charges are INR 10.

What are the recommended transportation options for reaching Bahubali Hills?

Consider renting a cycle or motorbike for a scenic journey. Cycle rentals are available from Fatehsagar Lake, and motorbike rentals can be explored in Udaipur.

What are the two routes to reach the top of Bahubali Hills?

There are two routes – one from Barda village (older route) and the other recently constructed next to a bridge.

Is there any specific landmark or sign to look for when reaching Bahubali Hills?

Look for a board indicating “Nathavato Ka Guda.” Once you take a left from there, you will see a stone with “Bahubali Hills Parking” written on it.

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