As the sun painted the sky with hues of dawn on a Wednesday morning in May, our journey from Ahmedabad began, tracing the Vadodara Express Highway towards the mystical Pavagadh Hills. The clock ticking at 5:30, anticipation filled the air as we embarked on a 3-day adventure, eager to explore the gems of Gujarat.

Day 1 – Pavagadh Hills: The winding roads led us to Pavagadh Hills, where the morning mist unveiled the scenic wonders. Opting for the exhilarating ropeway ride, we ascended the hills, unveiling breathtaking vistas along the way. The highlight was the visit to the newly constructed temple, an architectural marvel blending spirituality with modern aesthetics. The day unfolded with awe-inspiring views, and as the clock struck 3 pm, we bid farewell to Pavagadh, ready for the next chapter of our escapade.

Night 1 – Nilkanth Dham Poicha: Our overnight stay at Nilkanth Dham Poicha was a serene interlude. The tranquil surroundings and the divine aura of the temple created a perfect setting for reflection. Exploring the temple premises, we discovered a haven for kids, adorned with playful corners, and relished the offerings of the vibrant cafeteria. Nilkanth Dham Poicha, a spiritual retreat, left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Day 2 – Statue of Unity: Friday morning saw us setting forth towards the iconic Statue of Unity. The day began with an adventurous jungle safari, immersing us in the natural splendor surrounding the statue. Post-safari, we retreated to a charming hotel boasting tents and a refreshing swimming pool, a delightful haven for relaxation. The evening unveiled the grandeur of the Statue of Unity, accompanied by a mesmerizing laser show, creating an atmosphere of awe and pride.

Day 3 – Narmada River Cruise: Our final day commenced with an 11 o’clock rendezvous with the Narmada River. A splendid cruise awaited, offering not only a scenic voyage but also a cultural immersion. The close-up view of the Statue of Unity from the waters was a spectacle to behold. The evening sun witnessed our departure from this majestic landmark, leaving us with cherished memories as we journeyed back to Ahmedabad late into the night.

In those three days, we traversed landscapes, soared to spiritual heights, and marveled at the architectural and natural wonders Gujarat had to offer. The trip, a mosaic of experiences, was a testament to the diverse beauty that graces this part of India, leaving us with a treasure trove of memories to carry back home.

By Aadhya

Crafting captivating narratives that transport readers to the heart of extraordinary travel experiences.

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  1. nice buddy, i loved it. thanks sharing the info….i gonna plan to visit statue next winter.

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