The Statue of Belief, also known as Vishwas Swaroopam, stands as a majestic testament to Hindu faith and devotion. It is located in the heart of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Designed by the expert hands of Murtikar Naresh Kumawat, this famous Hindu deity Shiva’s magnificent statue was introduced on October 29, 2022, exciting tourists and visitors alike with its towering presence.

Rising to a staggering height of 369 feet (112 m), with the pedestal soaring to 110 feet (34 m), the Statue of Belief holds the honorable title of being the tallest statue of Shiva globally. Its striking copper hue and serene expression draw worshippers and sightseers from afar, offering a peaceful area for inner reflection and devotion.

Visitors can explore the interior, featuring exhibition halls and viewing galleries accessible by elevators at various heights, including 20 feet (6.1 m), 110 feet (34 m), and 270 feet (82 m). Additionally, the sprawling 16-acre grounds surrounding the statue show a variety of attractions, including a statue of Nandi, Shiva’s bull, herbal gardens, a food court, a laser fountain, and more.

For those seeking adventure, nearby attractions like Kailasha – The Snow Park, offering snow activities and family-friendly attractions, 3D Projection Mapping Light & Sound Show expressing interesting stories, exhilarating Go Karting, and heart-pounding Bungee Jumping provide thrilling experiences against the backdrop of the magnificent statue.

Operating hours for the Statue of Belief are from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. all days of the week, with ticket prices varying for different attractions and activities. Begin a spiritual journey or engage in adrenaline-pumping adventures – the Statue of Belief offers a mix of holiness and excitement for all who visit.

What Activities Can You Enjoy at Statue of Belief?

Here is a list of activities you can do at the Statue of Belief:

  1. Explore the Interior: Enter the statue to find exhibition halls and viewing galleries at various heights that offer panoramic views of the natural surroundings.
  2. Admire Nandi Statue: Take a look at the impressive statue of Nandi, Shiva’s bull, standing tall at 25 feet (7.6 m) and 37 feet (11 m) long.
  3. Enjoy Herbal Gardens: Take a relaxing walk through the beautiful herbal gardens on the 16-acre grounds surrounding the statue.
  4. Enjoy Delicious Meals: Treat your taste buds at the food court, offering a variety of dishes & refreshments.
  5. Witness the Laser Fountain: Experience the amazing display of the laser fountain, attracting visitors with its stunning display of lights and water.
  6. Shopping: Browse through the handicraft shops for unique things to remember your visit.
  7. Experience the Mini-Train Ride: Hop aboard the mini-train for a quick tour of the local sights and attractions.
  8. Participate in Snow Activities: Head to Kailasha – The Snow Park for exciting snow toboggan rides, snow disco, and other snowy adventures.
  9. Attend 3D Projection Mapping Show: Involve yourself in the captivating narratives portrayed through 3D projection mapping and light & sound shows, offering insight into Hindu mythology and culture.
  10. Feel the Adrenaline with Go Karting: Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with thrilling Go Karting sessions against the backdrop of the majestic statue.
  11. Experience Bungee Jumping: Begin a heart-pounding bungee jumping experience, plunging 185 feet into the air, for an unforgettable thrill.

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When are The Timings and Ticket Prices?

The Statue of Belief welcomes visitors throughout the week, with working hours typically from 10:00 a.m. in the morning to 08:00 p.m. in the evening, providing a number of opportunity for devotees and tourists to honor it and be in wonder of its beauty.

As for ticket prices, they vary depending on the chosen attractions and activities, with options available for individual entry or bundled packages, ensuring flexibility for visitors with diverse preferences and budgets.

Entry Fees for Age above 12 years:

Ticket Type(For Indian Citizens)Price
Park Entry200
Park Entry, Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet, Glass Bridge400
Park Entry, Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet, Glass Bridge, Jalabshek (351 feet)1500
Park Entry, Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet, Glass Bridge (Express)800
Park Entry, Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet , Glass Bridge, Jalabshek (351 feet) (Express)2000

Entry Fees for Children Aged 4-12:

Ticket Type(For Indian Citizens)Price
Park Entry100
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge200
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge + Jalabshek (351 feet)750
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge (Express)400
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge + Jalabshek (351 feet) (Express)1000

Entry Fees for Age above 12 years:

Ticket Type(Foreign Citizen)Price
Park Entry300
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge500
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge + Jalabshek (351 feet)2000

Entry Fees for Children Aged 4-12:

Ticket Type(Foreign Citizen)Price
Park Entry150
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge250
Park Entry + Viewing Gallery 280 & 270 feet + Glass Bridge + Jalabshek (351 feet)1000

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Interested in Nearby Tourist Attractions to Visit?

There is a number of tourist attractions nearby Statue of Belief within 100 kilometers. I highlighted a below list of places with its distance from the Vishwas Swaroopam.

  1. Ganesh Tekri – 2.9 km
  2. Shrinathji Temple – 4 km
  3. Nandsamand Dam – 7 km
  4. Haldighati – 18 km
  5. Nau Chauki, Rajsamand Lake – 22 km
  6. Eklingji Temple – 25 km
  7. Udaipur, “City of Lakes” – 44 km
  8. Kumbhalgarh Fort – 56 km
  9. Chittorgarh Fort – 102 km

Other Information:

Official WebsiteStatue of Belief Website
Contact Number1800-120-0351
Location120 Feet Rd, Nathdwara, Rajasthan 313301
Height 369 feet (112 m)
Ticket BookingBooking
Nearby Railway StationMavli Junction (30 km)
Udaipur City Railway Station (48 km from Nathdwara)
Nearby AirportMaharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur (56 km)

Where to Stay Near Statue of Belief?

Please check the list below for a number of hotels and resorts to stay near Statue of Belief in Nathdwara.

  • Mementos By ITC Hotels Ekaaya Udaipur
  • Manuscript- Jhilwara Haveli
  • Sterling Balicha Udaipur
  • The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
  • Parallel Hotel
  • Taj Lake Palace
  • The Leela Palace Udaipur
  • Trident, Udaipur
  • Taj Fateh Prakash Palace
  • The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace

Is the Statue of Belief a Must-Visit Destination?

The Statue of Belief, or Vishwas Swaroopam, stands as an iconic symbol of devotion and architectural magnificence in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. As the tallest statue of Shiva globally, its sheer height of 369 feet commands attention and reverence.

Visitors can explore its interior exhibition hall and public viewing galleries, offering a profound experience of spirituality and artistry. The place offers a number of cultural participation & thrilling adventures.

Whether you’re enjoying the serene appearance of Shiva or engaging in thrilling activities, the Statue of Belief promises an enhancing experience for all. Timings for visitation, ticket prices, and entry fees can be obtained on-site, ensuring a seamless journey into spirituality and adventure alike.


What are the opening and Closing timings?

The statue is open at 10:00 AM every day of the week. The park closes at 10:00 PM, with the last entry time being 8:00 PM.

What is the time for the 3D projection mapping show?

Every day at 8:00 PM, the 3D projection mapping show begins and lasts for approximately 25 minutes.

What are the ticket counter timings?

The ticket counter is open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Can I bring my camera to the Park?

Visitors are welcome to bring their cameras for casual photoshoots. Commercial photography and videography are not permitted. Drone cameras are not allowed at all.

What kind of food is available at the Park?

We have food courts, snack areas, and fast food joints at several spots throughout the park. Chinese, Italian, and many other cuisines are available at food courts.

Are there any ATM facilities within the Park?

In the Park, there are actually two ATMs. Both locations are close to the ground floor ticket counter and the musical fountain.

What is the price that I must pay for parking?

The cost of parking is Rs. 20 for a bike, Rs. 50 for a car, Rs. 150 for a minibus, and Rs. 200 for a bus.

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